Trading conditions 79%
Platforms and tools 83%
Credibility 43%
Education 89%
Support 85%
Fees and payments 74%
Users choice 94%

DotBig Trading is your place to trade with a group that values simplicity and supports traders at every level. The trading experience is designed to be accessible and user-friendly. This way, even beginners can navigate the platform with ease.
At DotBig, success stories and feedback from our traders are not just encouraged but celebrated. Every win is a reason for our community to cheer each other on.

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DotBig Broker’s Market Landscape

For your convenience and to ensure a seamless trading experience, DotBig offers diverse investment opportunities:

Currency pairs

Trade 72 pairs with up to 1:400 leverage

Stock trading

Access 200+ real shares without commission fees for simple diversification.

Market indices

Navigate market movements with exposure to both rising and falling trends.


Dive into the future of finance with crypto pairs tied to various blockchains.


Explore six options with a fixed 1:100 leverage for another touch of diversity.

ETF funds

Opt for popular instruments that offer increased exposure and liquidity.

Investment portfolios

Craft your portfolio with personalized guidance from DotBig analysts.

CFD contracts

Take control of your trading with suitable market hours for flexibility.

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Rating 5.7/5.0
Думаю, все хотят быть в курсе актуальных событий рынка, именно поэтому я начала использовать профессиональные инструменты анализа DotBig, которые...
Read reviewReview Published: March, 20, 2024
Rating 5.7/5.0
Transparent fee structure and clearly outlined terms of service When selecting a broker, transparency is crucial, and DotBig Broker excels in this aspect. I value the assurance that...
Read reviewReview Published: February, 27, 2024
Rating 5.7/5.0
DotBig truly elevated my trading journey.DotBig Forex Club has truly elevated my trading journey. The platform's user-friendly interface is a boon for traders at...
Read reviewReview Published: January, 24, 2024

Essential Features at DotBig Broker

Reliability and security

DotBig’s systems protect your investments from market ups and downs.

Exceptional support

Your investment journey will be smooth thanks to friendly and helpful assistance.

Tailored portfolios

DotBig allows you to create a unique mix of investments.

Affordable pricing

You can enjoy the platform’s clear and transparent fee structure.

Tech mastery

We empower you to manage your investments, whether you’re new or experienced.

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